Make Them Ask: How to Deal with Temper Tantrum

Make Them Ask: How to Deal with Temper Tantrum

Categorically ignore grunting, weeping, wailing, pining, whining, moping, yelling, screaming, kicking, tantrum-throwing, and kung-fu fighting. If the request can’t be framed in words, it can’t be honored.

Be patient. And stand your ground. The only way to avoid similar situations in the future is by learning how to deal with temper tantrum now. Not “buying” the easy peace now by caving into your young child’s incoherent sobbing will help him grow up to be a reasonable and civil person, fully capable of expressing his needs while working towards to satisfying those needs without causing collateral damages to other people.

I promise the work will pay off in the near future.

Go back to helping them ask.

How to Deal with Temper Tantrum. Mom calmly ignoring her son throwing a tantrum.



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